Ornate Lorikeet For Sale


Ornate lorikeet for sale

The ornate lorikeet for sale is a mainly green parrot about 25 cm (10.0 in) long. Its head above its eyes is purple-blue and its face below its eyes is red. There is red at back of the head and yellow behind the eyes. It does not have a collar at the back of the neck that rainbow lorikeets have. Its chin to chest has transverse strips and bars of red and blue. Its abdomen is green with sparse variable yellow scalloping. The beak is orange-red, the irises are dark orange, the eye-ring is dark grey, and the legs are grey. Best to buy ornate lorikeet , Order ornate lorikeet online

It averages 10 inches in length and weighs about 4 oz. The crown is dark purplish-blue. There are yellow side patches on the nape. The back of the nape is reddish orange. The chin and throat and most of face is reddish-orange. The back and the wings are bright green. The wing primaries (= longest wing feathers) (longest wing feathers) are tipped blackish. The underwing is black with yellow and green. The chin and the chest are reddish barred with dark blue. The belly is dark green and the thighs are yellow-green. The upper tail is dark green with yellowish tips and the under tail is yellowish and pinkish at the base. The beak and the irises are orange and the legs are grey-green. Best to buy ornate lorikeet , Order ornate lorikeet online

Both males and females look alike.


They may start breeding in September to October. The hen incubates the eggs for about 24 to 27 days and the young fledge when they are about 80 days old.

Diet of Ornate Lorokeet

Nectar, either a commercial type or homemade from: lactose-free baby cereal, honey and malt extract or molasses, mixed with filtered water and made fresh once or twice daily; fruit should be given once or twice daily including: apple, orange, pear, banana, pomegranate, cactus fruits; one or more of the following vegetables” carrot, corn on the cob or unsalted tinned sweet corn; green leaves such as: Swiss chard, lettuce, so thistle, chickweed, dandelion; rearing food made from hard boiled egg, wholegrain bread and carrot, all ground to crumbly

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