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Iris lorikeet for sale

Iris Lorikeet Parrot, The iris lorikeet for sale is 20 cm (8 in) long. It is mostly green with pale-green transverse striations on its underside. The head is red above the eye and there is a purple band from the eyes extending over the ears. The beak is red-orange, the iris is orange, and the legs are bluish-grey. The male and female are almost identical, but the red on the head of the female is paler and less extensive. Juveniles resemble females, but have a brownish bill, brown irises, duller purple bands and less red on the head. The extent and shade of the red and purple on the head varies between two or three subspecies. order Iris Lorikeet Parrot online, buy Iris Lorikeet online , purchase Iris Lorikeet online

The iris lorikeet is a small, up to 20 cm long, green lorikeet. The male has a red forehead, yellow nape, purple band back from eye between nape and cheek, and yellowish below. The female almost similar with red-marked green forecrown and yellowish green cheek. order Iris Lorikeet Parrot online

Fun, goofy, and always ready to play- the Iris Lorikeet is a delightful pet. As is common with birds of this size, Iris Lorikeet has a lot of energy and simply loves to hop around the house. Although rare to come across, their popularity is rising, and it’s all owing to their great personality. If you want a cute, cheerful and playful parrot with lovable personality – then the Iris Lorikeet is a perfect choice.


Don’t think that all small parrots are fragile and weak. An Iris lorikeet that is loved and cared for, can easily live for up to 25 years. Just ensure all the optimal conditions, a balanced diet, and social interaction. You will need to make sure to avoid any possible neglect – look out after all of your pet’s needs. These fun and playful parrots will require your companionship to stave off boredom and depression. buy Iris Lorikeet online


Nectar, a commercial type or one homemade from: lactose-free baby cereal, honey and malt extract or molasses, mixed with filtered water and made fresh once or twice daily, comprising about 4 to 10 percent of the diet; fruits such as,apple, pear, banana, kiwi, cactus fruits,pomegranate: they should be given vegetables such as: carrot, fresh corn on the cob; green leaves such as: Swiss chard, lettuce, kale, sowthistle, dandelion, chickweed; dried figs soaked in water for a few hours; spray millet; small amount of soaked or sprouted sunflower seed and some canary seed and/or oats. purchase Iris Lorikeet online

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